On October 22nd, the most recognizable surfer in the world, Kelly Slater, sat down with the host of one of the most popular podcasts on the internet, Joe Rogan, and declared his intention to return to competition at Pipeline.

Rogan, the comedian, UFC commentator and former host of NBC's Fear Factor, explored a bevy of topics with his guest in a loose conversational exchange resulting in a highly-detailed account of subjects wide ranging and important to Kelly and Joe.

The discussion included but was not limited to the following: Kelly's broken foot, MMA kicking techniques, extraordinary yoga positions, Logan Paul's fighting career, the inner workings of the Surf Ranch, how darn good Brazilian surfers are, the subjective nature of professional surf judging, Tom Carroll's helmet-shattering-then-eardrum-bursting Tahitian wipeout and the act of drowning.

Most interestingly, if you listen all the way to the end, to the 1:51:40 mark specifically - past all the conversation about salt water crocodiles, shark mating and bears burying moose - Kelly goes back to his foot condition then details his desire to return to Pipe in December.

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