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Brief Overview: Although the surf is still likely to be pretty jumbled and ugly early Friday, we should see a gradual improvement through the morning as the wind both eases and trends to a more favorable direction (ENE). Medium to fairly solid NW swell will gradually trend down through the day. A smaller WNW to NW swell will build late Saturday into early Sunday as moderate to breezy ENE trades prevail. Another mid size NW swell is likely late Monday and Tuesday with a stronger NW swell Wednesday. An even stronger, and potentially very solid, NW swell is possible for the 8th-9th. ENE trades may rebuild starting Tue-Wed and could become strong again for mid to late week.

FRIDAY 1st: 8-12' faces AM, easing PM. Breezy side/offshore wind eases with best overall surf later morning through the evening.
SWELL/SURF: Surf quality should slowly improve through the day. The early morning is likely still jumbled/ugly with overnight NE flow, but things should improve through the morning as wind shifts more ENE and eases. NW swell eases, but remains fairly solid early as shorter period NE swell eases. Not perfect by any means, but definitely an improvement from the last few days.
WIND/WEATHER: Breezy NE to ENE wind early 18-22kts, easing to 15-18kts through the morning and shifting ENE (which will continue through the afternoon).

SATURDAY 2nd: 4-5 occ. 6' faces AM, rebuilding to 5-7' faces late with side-offshore wind.
SWELL/SURF: Old NW swell leftovers in the morning and through much of the day. Longer period WNW swell builds for the later afternoon and evening hours.
WIND/WEATHER: Moderate to breezy ENE wind 14-18kts.

SUNDAY 3rd: 5-8' occ. 10' faces AM, easing PM. Side-offshore wind.
SWELL/SURF: Mid period WNW swell should ease slowly through the day with the strongest surf in the morning.
WIND/WEATHER: Moderate to breezy ENE wind 14-18kts.

MONDAY 4th: Easing 5-7' faces AM, possibly rebuilding some late. Side-offshore wind.
SWELL/SURF: Mid period WNW swell should trend down from Sunday for most of the day. Some new NW swell may start to creep in late.
WIND/WEATHER: Moderate to breezy ENE wind 14-18kts.

TUESDAY 5th: 6-8'+ faces AM, gradually easing PM. Increasing side-offshore wind.
SWELL/SURF: Mid period NW swell should fill in a bit more from Monday, may be strongest in the morning and then ease for the afternoon hours. Stay tuned.
WIND/WEATHER: Potential for increasing and breezy ENE wind 15-20kts+.

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