- WSL / Nathan Oldfield
'The Church Of The Open Sky'
Noosa highlight reel of modern-traditional longboard surfing from award winning filmmaker Nathan Oldfield.

"This is a highlight reel from a section of a feature surfing film I made called 'The Church of the Open Sky.' It features an international cast of some of the world's best loggers enjoying free surfs along the magical points of Noosa, in Queensland, Australia. Each of these surfers are riding traditional, heavier, single fin logs. But their surfing is by no means some kind of retro throwback. Of course, they are each tipping their hat to the stylistic approaches of surfers that came before us, but they are bringing something fresh and progressive to their approach. There are new lines and a lot of subtle technicality involved in this kind of surfing and, for me personally, it is a real pleasure to witness and document in moving pictures."

-Nathan Oldfield

World Surf League
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