WSL PURE: Climate

Each stop on WSL's tours provides a lens into the local dependency on the ocean and love of the break. These spots are cherished by surfers, but are, more than that, a source of income, investment, and love for the locals. The ocean in Bali tells a different story than the water in Tahiti, which is different from the story on Oahu. But, like the surfing family, it's all one community deeply connected to the ocean which serves as a life-support system for Earth.

WSL_Pure_Dolphins The ocean is the largest ecosystem on Earth and supports life on our planet WSL / Karen Wilson

Oceans make up over 70% of the earth's surface and are responsible for: regulating our global climate, providing us with food we depend on for survival and cleaning the air we breathe. Our one ocean is also the world's largest storehouse for carbon with more than 80% of the carbon cycle circulating through the waves we ride.

With carbon emissions continuing to rise, our oceans are taking on more energy and heat, which results in rising sea levels and temperatures. This continual absorption of CO2 also leads to increased acidity, which combined with warming temperatures, is changing the basic composition of our ocean leading to the destruction of coral reefs. Our reefs not only provide us some of the breaks we cherish most, but are entire ecosystems to many species that rely on them for food and protection, in addition they serve as the primary source of protein for most coastal communities.

Surfers above a healthy reef in Tahiti © Kirstin We all depend on healthy oceans to survive. WSL / Kirstin Scholtz

Take individual action today and help build a healthy global climate by:

  • Offsetting carbon emissions
  • Supporting strong climate policy
  • Reducing your carbon footprint and use of fossil fuels
  • Lowering your home energy consumption with high efficiency appliances and lighting
  • Eating local and organic
  • Reducing or eliminating meat and dairy
  • Buying food in bulk
  • Composting food waste
  • Supporting clean energy sources - looking for alternatives to fossil fuels and advocating for wind, solar, or geothermal.

In addition to individual action, support our partners who are committed to finding solutions to reduce our climate impact.

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