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Updated Thursday, April 11th 2019

EVENT WINDOW: April 8-13th 2019

Brief Overview:
A more solid pulse of swell arrives, gradually decreasing over the next few days, with conditions steadily improving.

At the moment the chart is showing ridge of high pressure stretching diagonally from west of the Canary Islands north-eastwards towards Portugal, and a broad, flabby area of low pressure further out into the Atlantic. Local areas will be influenced by that high for most of the rest of the contest period, with that low mostly staying far enough away not to significantly affect local areas.

Forecast Update Santa Cruz 2019 Swell chart for 09:00h Thursday 11th April - magicseaweed.com

Today Thursday sees a smallish, longer-period west-northwest component mixed with an average-quality residual swell; wave heights of around six feet and moderate to fresh cross-onshore winds from the north-northwest.

On Friday, the swell becomes less mixed, with wave heights around four or five feet and winds decreasing to light northerlies. Winds veer northwest in the afternoon and gust moderate around the middle of the day.

On Saturday, conditions continue to improve, with a clean, fairly lined-up swell of around three to four feet and windless conditions or light southerlies in the morning. Winds veer southwest and gust moderate for a while around mid-afternoon.

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