WSL PURE Ambassador Cliff Kapono Awards Winner of Save the Waves Challenge

To highlight outstanding efforts aligned with WSL PURE's #StopTrashingWaves campaign, PURE partner Save The Waves Coalition announced Hannah Bennett as the winner of their #DirtyWavesChallenge.

With hundreds of photos submitted from over 10 countries as part of the challenge Hannah's entry was identified through the Endangered Waves App as the winner. The five thousand dollar stewardship fund Hannah was awarded will help support the only going management and cleaning of the rivers and beaches on the island of Viti Levu in partnership with the Fiji Surfing Association.

The overarching goal of the challenge was to collect data on the health of our surf breaks, mobilize beach goers and educate the surfing community around the key issues facing our coastlines. Watch the full clip about Hannah's journey with WSL PURE ambassador Cliff Kapono and visit to learn more.

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