The Cuba Unknown

The Cuba Unknown

Season 1, Episode 1

With the opening of the border in 2016 by US President Barack Obama, Cuba became ground zero for radical change. In a country often defined by oppression, the sport of surfing was illegal until recently. For the hundred or so surfers there, one thing draws them to the water: freedom. This story explores how surfing transformed the lives of Frank and Yaya, the sport's biggest champions in Cuba, and what it means to pursue one's passion against all odds.

Hosted by 1977 World Champion Shaun Tomson and produced by MakeWild, The Cuba Unknown is part of the upcoming film "Havana Libre (@surflibre)".

Director: Corey McLean
Producer: Tyler Dunham
Editor/DP: Seth Brown
WSL Studios Producer: Tim Greenberg
"Transformed" Executive Producers: Erik Logan, Jason Rem & Tim Greenberg


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