WSL PURE: Golf Ball Wave at the Freshwater Pro

WSL PURE: Golf Ball Wave at the Freshwater Pro

So many surfers love to play golf, but we now have a stronger incentive to keep the ball on the course. As a teenager, Alex Weber noticed golf balls covering the seafloor near her home in Northern California. With her dad, she collected over 50,000 golf balls and went on to publish her research revealing how golf balls break down into micro-plastics and release toxic compounds into the water. She then teamed up with Santa Cruz artist Ethan Estess (Director, to turn thousands of these golf balls into the giant interactive wave sculpture that will be in the PURE Village at the Freshwater Pro for fans to experience the scale of the plastic pollution issue and be inspired to make a positive impact at their local beach. This initiative was made possible thanks to all the generous partners and donors who supported this project. If you are interested in donating, please visit this Go Fund Me page.


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