- WSL / Jack Barripp
- WSL / Jack Barripp

There's one wave that everyone in the know compares Jinzun Harbour to, and that's the iconic Trestles, in California's San Clemente region.

The break at Jinzun - which is north of Taitung City - was formed when the breakwalls for the harbour were constructed more than 40 years ago. It produces consistent A-frame peaks which are playful but have enough push for some high-performance maneuvers, and the right shape for some long nose-rides.

There are lefts and rights breaking over a cobblestone bottom which provide the perfect canvass for a showcase of high-performance surfing, or in the case of the Taiwan Open of Surfing longboard events, a backdrop for timeless style.

It's these characteristics which make Jinzun the perfect venue for a triple-header showcase of board-riding, comprised of the Taiwan Open of Surfing, a QS3000 event, the WSL Junior Championships and the final stop of the longboard tour, the Taiwan Open World Longboard Champs.

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This is a wave-rich zone located in eastern Taiwan. There are dozens of dozens of river mouth setups and left-hand point breaks to be discovered in the area, which has been compared to old-school Hawaii. And while surf culture might be in it's infancy in Taiwan, there's a new generation of local surfers currently making the most of their home breaks.

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Junior and Longboard World Champions will be crowned at this event, and there's 3000 valuable qualifying series points up for grabs. The action kicks off on November 23, with the Taiwan Open of Surfing QS event, followed by theWSL Junior Championships from November 26 to December 1. Rounding out the schedule is the Taiwan Open World Longboard Champs, set for December 1 to 7.


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