Kelly Slater has friends in some seriously high places, including Astronaut Christina Koch. Not only is Koch one of the most accomplished female Astronauts in history, she's also a passionate surfer and all around rad person.

After a remarkable 328 days in space, Christina Koch just broke the record for the longest single spaceflight by a female.

According to the International Space Station, she and her crew "landed aboard the Soyuz MS-13 crew ship in the cold, snow-covered steppe of Kazakhstan and stepped out under a clear blue sky."

Last month, Slater caught up with Koch at the International Space Station after she brought his 2019 Oi Rio Pro jersey to space. Together they dove into surfing, extended travel, and even exposed misconceptions about gravity.

If you haven't listened to it yet - Slater goes deep into some complex theories that are worth hearing.

Surfing in SPACE | Kelly Slater Live with Astronaut Christina Koch
Slater and Koch talk surfing, space photography, zero gravity, and more live from the International Space Station.

During her time away from Earth, Koch participated in the first all-female space walk, a seven hour and 17-minute mission to replace a power controller on the International Space Station.

As a "side hustle" aboard the International Space Station, Koch snapped some extraordinary photos of Championship Tour spots around the world. She even caught the finals of the Billabong Pipe Masters from 250 miles up.

After all of that time in space, we know you're frothing to get back in the water. And we're curious - where are you going to surf first?

Congratulations on a safe expedition and welcome home, Christina!

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