- WSL / Ben Osborne
- WSL / Ben Osborne

The 2020 Noosa Longboard Open presented by Thomas Surfboards runs from February 22 - 25.

Bob Mctavish once likened surfing at Noosa to "having a cup of tea with God". Spend some time in the Noosa Heads National Park, and you can see what he was getting at.

This series of right-hand point-breaks remains a sacred place for surfers -- and you could make a pretty convincing argument that, on its day, they might be the very best longboard waves in the world.

Some will scream Malibu, or maybe even Waikiki. But one thing that is not up for debate is the important role this wave has played in surfing's development. Bob McTavish, a key figure in the so-called 'shortboard revolution' and George Greenough were among its pioneers. And it has remained a canvass for surfboard design and stylish surfing alike.

Thomas Bexon and Tom Wegner Talk Noosa
Thomas Bexon and Tom Wegner Talk Noosa

"First Point is like the best wave, and it has so many faces," says Tom Wegener, a master shaper, originally from California. Wegener has become synonymous with Noosa. A former pupil of the late Donald Takayama, he has kept the rich history of longboard surfing alive with timeless designs, perfected on Noosa's points.

"On small days it's perfect, on mid-size days you can do anything on it ... Christian Wach did a hang ten and then he went up and did a hand stand hang ten and then got down again and kept going," Wegener says.

Noosa-based shaper, Thomas Bexon. Thomas Bexon, equiped with one of his single-fin logs, optimized for Noosa's perfect point-waves. - WSL / Ben Osborne

This flame is kept alive by a new generation of longboard surfers and shapers who have taken inspiration from the culture's rich heritage. Many of them will be flocking to the Noosa Longboard Open presented by Thomas Bexon, the kick off to the 2020 WSL Longboard Tour.

"It's the perfect testing ground for boards and surfers, it just gives the ability for anyone surfing the wave to really show off what they are capable of," says Thomas Bexon, whose boards have become the go-to for many of the world's best longboarders today.

There's no doubt these capabilities will be on full display when the event gets underway, so stay tuned for a big start to the season.

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