Dylan Graves has always had style. Always. Ever since he was a grom coming up in Isabela and putting Puerto Rico on the map, he's always brought the flavor. Smooth in the water, happy and loose out of the water, he personifies why we all surf -- because it's so much damn fun.

With the success of his award-winning video series with Vans, "Weird Waves," it's easy to forget that Graves first made his name as a cut-throat competitive surfer. In 2010, he competed in the Rip Curl Search in Puerto Rico -- where he was dispatched by Kelly Slater, who went on to win the event and his 10th world title (sadly, under the tragic cloud of Andy Irons' passing away).

Most recently, Graves has been stashing some clips for his new edit with traction company Octopus entitled "Explosion Salad." Featuring wedges, ramps and tunnels from his native waters in the Caribbean, it's what they call a banger. Fun, irreverent, it bumps a soundtrack that feature's Daddy Yankee's 2004 reggaeton hit "Gasolina," and getting all fancy for the shoot, Graves even rocks the cornrows.

Good times, great surfing, crazy waves, and a vibe that makes you want to go out and shred, Graves continues to keep it real.

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