- WSL / Karen Wilson
- WSL / Karen Wilson

In today's modern era of quick clips and YouTube drops, it's hard to retain anyone's attention long enough to get them to actually sit still and vibe up on a surf movie.

But in the early 2000s that wasn't so much an issue. Internet streaming wasn't a thing yet and social media hadn't been invented, which meant that most surfers still relied heavily on VHS and DVD surf movies to get their fix.

Around the turn of the century, a young surfer from Newport Beach, California, named Logan Dulien was working with emerging brand Volcom. His house had become a literal flop house of the next generation of surf grinders as they passed through Orange County. Bruce and Andy Irons were frequent fixtures on his couch, as were the Hobgoods, and eventually a crew of rising stars from Down Under led by a bright-eyed Mick Eugene Fanning.

Like a lightbulb going off, Dulien realized that he was starring at a huge generational shift in surfing. So, he bought an $800 video camera, and with zero video or cinematography experience, in the middle of 2000 he set out to make the film that would come to be titled "Snapt."

"I just remember thinking, I'm going to make a surf movie because my friends are about to take over," Dulien recalls. "We definitely weren't straight-laced. My friends surfed hard and had a good time. I saw an opportunity to blend the polished Momentum platform Taylor Steele had developed and mix it with a splash of the rawness that was featured in the Lost movies."

'Snapt' finally dropped in 2002. A time capsule of the moment, if you pay attention, you'll notice that Andy Irons goes from a MCD sticker on the nose of his board, to a logo-less board, before finally inking his deal with Billabong.

Besides eventual World Champs like A.I, Fanning and CJ Hobgood, Snapt showcased the talents of gritty periphery players that don't nearly get the credit they're due: Asher Pacey, Aaron "Gorkin" Cormican, Geoff Brack and Kamalei Alexander to name a few.

Riding the rising tide of the time, Dulien quickly released 'Snapt 2' in 2003. After that, Dulien put the camera on the shelf to join his friend and mentor Pat Tenore, who was just launching a new surf and art-inspired brand called RVCA.

After his 12-year detour, Dulien endeavored to comeback in 2015. Technology had changed the surf movie game, but once again, Dulien's timing was impeccable. Instagram was just ramping up as not just a place to post photos, but also share video clips. The 'Snapt' format was perfect.

Featuring modern marvels like Mason Ho, Jack Robinson, Bobby Martinez, and of course, Asher Pacey, "Snapt 3" turned out to be a success.

The Lineup with Dave Prodan - Logan Dulien
"Snapt" creator Logan Dulien stops by The Lineup.

And now Dulien's back on the tools working on 'Snapt 4.' To make things interesting, this time around he's offering $40,000 to the surfer with the best section.

He's currently locking down an all-star judging panel -- which will include one former World Champ -- and putting the finishing touches on a deal with a presenting sponsor. Footage and further announcements will be forthcoming, but we can say that the premiere is set for August 8, 2020 at the Orange County Observatory, right in the middle of the Vans U.S. Open of Surfing.

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