As surfers, we understand that protecting the world's oceans is paramount to our continued enjoyment of wave sliding. This is especially true in a time when the scientific evidence of climate change can be pushed aside by global figures who find the evidence to be at odds with their agenda.

That's why advocacy groups like the Surfrider Foundation, who understand the cross section between surfing and protecting the world's oceans and beaches, are more important than ever.

And this week, Surfrider Foundation, a partner of WSL PURE, led their annual pilgrimage to Capital Hill in Washington D.C., known as 'Coastal Recreation Hil Day'. The task was immense but the goal was simple -- to ask the country's leaders what they can do to protect the ocean and its coastlines.

150 volunteers from 46 chapters and clubs represented 25 states in a total of 140 meetings. Pro surfers Greg Long, Leah Dawson and Cliff Kapono were also in attendance and met with the Senate Democrats' Climate Committee.

According to Kapono, WSL PURE Ambassador, they discussed, "Ways in which we can be better environmental stewards on a community and policy level."

Dawson also remarked after the meeting, "We were discussing all the different opportunities for change in both the corporate world as well as the policy world, and how to bring those worlds together."

According to Surfrider Foundation, by 2050, scientists estimate that 90% of coral reefs will die off from ocean warming and acidification due to climate change. It's also predicted that three feet of sea levels rise will completely wipe out 87% of California's best surf breaks.

Just because you may have not made it to Washington D.C. doesn't mean your voice can't be heard. Head over to Surfrider Foundation's website and fill out their form to contact your elected officials. We all have the right to demand that congress takes action on climate change now.

And for more information on how you can #StopTrashingWaves today, head over to WSL PURE.

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