- WSL / Kelly Cestari
- WSL / Kelly Cestari

What do you do when you're a multi-craft adrenaline fiend, and the big wave season has slowed down? Well, Kai Lenny has been stimulating his senses in Tahiti.

Lenny enjoyed what he calls "the most pristine, clearest water I have ever foiled in".

Swell or no swell, the man knows how to have fun in the water.

This is well-deserved down-time for Lenny - if you could even call it that. In recent months, he's almost single-handily re-written the rule book on what moves are possible in XXL surf, and put in standout performances at Jaws and Nazare.

This new approach to big surf included legit airs on waves at which, just a few years ago, it was an achievement just to make the drop and ride one to completion.

2020 Ride of the Year Entry: Kai Lenny at Nazare
2020 Ride of the Year Entry: Kai Lenny at Nazare, Portugal on February 17, 2020. Wave 1. Video by Nuno Dias.
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