- WSL / Damien Poullenot
- WSL / Damien Poullenot

Griffin Colapinto is one of those guys that surfs a lot. When he's at home in San Clemente he can usually be found posted up on the point at Lowers with his brother, Crosby, his filmer Jacob Vanderwork, and the 60 other people that bob around in the lineup on the regular.

And when he's on the road, he's in the water with Tour friends like Seth Moniz and Ethan Ewing.

Now, with a halt in international travel, Colapinto and Vanderwork had some time to mine the hard drives and put together a banger of an edit they've affectionately titled, "Why Not."

Filmed over the course of 2019, it features stops in West Oz, France and Hawaii. From The Box to The Pipeline, Colapinto and his friends put in a tour de force performance.

And if you get a chance, don't miss the new Occ-Cast with Mark Occhilupo and Colapinto. The two go deep on some of the issues facing the world today, share a few laughs and Occy rises to the occasion for Griff's "commercial challenge." You'll have to watch to the end for it.

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