Mick Fanning appears to have gotten his groove back. As evidence in his latest edit from Rip Curl, the three-time World Champ has found his rhythm and is looking as in-form as ever.

Last August, Fanning tore his ACL on a Stab in the Dark trip to South Africa, leaving him out of commission for the remainder of the year. And while we've seen clips of him pop up here and there over the past few weeks, this edit confirms that he's feeling good and trusting that knee a lot more.

"I've been spending so much time out of the water, [I'm] always a little bit skeptical of the things that can happen -- also just the fear of re-injury. Low and behold, one of the best swells of the year shows up and I had to really test out the knee," Fanning says.

Securing the knee in a brace, he claims that he's trying to avoid massive clamping barrels as well as the backwash at Snapper. Yet in the clip he's still getting absolutely drained from deep behind the rocks and laying into those trademark hacks like nothing ever happened. Check out that white water take off to well overhead barrel at 1:34. And as usual, he earns major style points for standing tall in that thing.

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