Nic von Rupp has a new YouTube series which takes us behind the scenes as he chases giants swells around the globe.

While this has obviously been curtailed by the ongoing pandemic, the series is a candid look at the preparation that goes into scoring waves such as Nazare, where the first episode takes place.

This clip is especially revealing and personal, given it deals with Alex Botelho's life threatening incident during the Nazare Challenge.

"The day of the Nazare Challenge was really good, my partner Porcella and I were really in sync both riding some big waves and having load of fun," Von Rupp says.

"After three heats my day had ended and I was requested at the athletes area for some Interviews, as I was showing up at the contest I see Alexe's accident.

"For me it was the gnarliest moment of my life, coming in accomplishes adrenaline high surviving the big waves to seeing my brother right in front of my eyes fighting for his life.. what a crazy moment," he says.

Alex Botelho's Road To Recovery
Alex Botelho opens up about his injuries at Nazaré, Yago Dora drops a new edit, Volcom kicks off #stayhomeforthis campaign and more.

Thankfully, Botelho is on the way to a full recovery after a stay in hospital. We recently caught up with him to talk through his recovery, and you can check out that full interview here.

Meanwhile, stay tuned for more "Von Froth" drops. Hopefully, Von Rupp will be on the road again soon, chasing waves and making history. Until then, this is a great way to relive some epic swells.

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