A freesurfing virtuoso, Tour vet and future Olympian, Australia's Julian Wilson is one of the most innovative surfers to grace the sport.

In his 9 years on Tour, he's accomplished almost all you can on the Championship Tour, including a Pipe Masters win, a Triple Crown Title, and a spot on the first-ever Australian Olympic team.

Now, we present to you the highlight reel you've been waiting for -- all the best waves from his career thus far.

The Best Of Julian Wilson
Here are the most memorable waves from the Tour vet and future Olympian from Australia's Sunshine Coast.

Wilson surfed his freshman year in 2011, where he earned the "Rookie of the Year" award with a 9th place finish at the end of the season.

Since then, he's nabbed five Championship Tour victories, including a Pipe Masters victory over Gabriel Medina in 2014 (when he also won the Vans Triple Crown of Surfing) and two big wins on the Gold Coast and in France in 2018.

All that's left for Jules is a World Title -- which he was closest to clinching in 2018, when he finished the season at second on the Jeep Leaderboard.

With his innate talent and a mind-bending set of clips like this, a World Title is still well within reach for the legend from the Sunshine Coast.

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