Epic surf is where you find it, and it's even more epic when you find it close to home. For the second straight year Surfline's O'Neill Regional Wave Of The Winter celebrates the season's best scores and rewards the dedicated locals that reveled in the cold-water conditions.

For the last ten years, Surfline's O'Neill Wave Of The Winter has focused exclusively on the North Shore. But the Regional Wave Of The Winter puts the lens on the other 12,000 miles of coast in the United States and gives local surfers the platform to post their own all-time rides. From Maine to Puerto Rico, San Diego to Half Moon Bay, the winter's best on the East and West Coasts is represented.

Focusing on five different surf-rich zones, at the start of the winter, before we all had to hunker down, the call came out for surfers to submit there clips: "from the frigid teepees in New Jersey to tapered pointbreaks in Santa Barbara; from shallow reefs in Puerto Rico to unrelenting XXL a-frames in San Francisco -- and everything and everywhere in between."

On March 17, Jamie O'Brien made history, becoming the first person ever to win the Wave Of The Winter award on the North Shore. This week the submission period ended for the Regional Wave Of The Winter. The winners will be decided by online vote -- which means you have a voice. The winners in each of the five regions bag $1,000 and a bunch of O'Neill gear ... not bad for hanging around home and surfing.

We'd hate to taint the jury, but digging through all of the entries, these are a few of our favorites. You can check them all out at Surfline.com:

East Coast North: Mikey Gleason

East Coast South: Brett Barley

Caribbean / Puerto Rico: Leif Engstrom

West Coast North: Chad Kaimanu Jackson

West Coast South: Josiah Amico

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