- WSL / Kelly Cestari
- WSL / Kelly Cestari

Jack Robinson has just dropped new edit that showcases just how incredibly talented the West Oz local is.

Featuring clips that didn't make the cut for his part in Snapt4, if this is what landed on the cutting room floor, we can't imagine what made the grade for the feature film due out in July...

"I've done quite a few trips and my section will feature footage from all over the world including Hawaii, Tahiti, Central America and home," Robinson told the WSL. "I'm looking for a lot of variety and to include a lot of airs so it's a bit different to some of my recent clips. Plus I'm banking more footage at home now."

Robinson has returned to his home in Margaret River following the cancellation of the Australian leg of the Tour. "I'm really lucky to be in West Oz. I can still surf, for now," Robinson said. "There is less crowds and people are being mindful and following the guidelines. So hopefully if that continues we will be able to surf. I won't be going anywhere for a few months."

While staying home and surfing the perfect waves on his doorstep isn't such a bad place to be, it is frustrating for the 22-year-old. Robinson was all set to make his debut on the CT on the Gold Coast having qualified by winning the 2019 Vans World Cup of Surfing Hawaii last year.

SUNSET BEACH, UNITED STATES- DECEMBER 02: Jack Robinson of Australia is the winner of the 2019 Vans World Cup of Surfing on December 02, 2019 in Hawaii, USA(Photo by Keoki Saguibo/WSL via Getty Images) Jack Robinson - WSL / Keoki Saguibo

"I was riding a high after the qualification, but then had to get back in the zone. I'd done that and felt I was so ready," he explained. "However after the cancellation I fell out of that mindset as there was so much to process. So it's good to come home and reset for whatever comes next."

Robinson had started the competitive year well, bagging a fifth place at the Sydney Surf Pro, the last event held in Australia before the postponement. That the noted big wave surfer and slab hunter achieved a solid result in tiny surf at Manly was also a great sign.

Post Show: Robinson's Upgraded Grovel Game Sees Run Continue
2020 CT Rookie Jack Robinson's small wave surfing has gone through the roof, as he advances on Day 4 of the Sydney Surf Pro.

"I've been focusing on the small wave aspect of my surfing," said Robinson. "I think it just needed time. It's always had its moments, but I'd go back to the bigger waves and lose my edge. The goal is to be a better all round in all areas."

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