- WSL / Tony Heff
- WSL / Tony Heff

For as perfect and idyllic as Rocky Point can look, it can be a confounding place to surf -- which is what makes Mason Ho's ability at the famed North Shore hot dog wave so sublime.

Breaking over a flat, shallow reef, the right at Rocky's can section off and clamp down. The current is like being on a treadmill at times. And if you get a good one, it usually runs into an exposed outcropping of rocks. Most surfers have the good sense to kick out before they get dry docked. But not Mase.

A master of utilizing his environment to maximize the fun, Mase ollies the rocks. He floats the rocks. He jumps off of them and into an oncoming wave. And the new ...Lost's Hydra Fish design that he's riding appears to afford him all the creativity and responsiveness he needs. Spending his whole life surfing the spot has instilled in him this level of comfort and familiarity. And while we don't recommend this go-for-broke approach, it is ridiculously entertaining.

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