- WSL / Mendo Dornellas
- WSL / Mendo Dornellas

Earlier this year, Portuguese big-wave surfer Nic von Rupp took a trip north to Galicia to chase a massive swell heading for the Death Coast. Located on the jagged shores of northwest Spain, this remote stretch of coastline is home to some of the heaviest and most consequential waves in Europe.

On this trip, Von Rupp brought along lifelong mentor and former coach, João Macedo, marking their first trip together in 15 years. There they chased monster slabs and uncrowded lineups up with fellow European chargers, Axi Muniain, Eric Rebier, Miguel Blanco, and Frederico Morais.

"I used to be a bodyboarder when I was nine and João went over to my parents house and convinced my parents that I should be a surfer," Von Rupp explains And 20 years later we're sitting here surfing some of the biggest waves in the world. It's really cool to come to Galicia and share a passion together and realize that he's still the same."

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