Mid-lengths are the bee's knees. Functional, user-friendly, stupidly fun to ride, boards in the seven- to eight-foot range have enjoyed a resurgence in popularity lately. They can be styled like a longboard, yet they still sing in the pocket on a lined up screamer.

Longboard provocateur C.J. Nelson has been developing a new line of mids and longboards with Firewire. Working with shapers Ian Chisholm, Ryan Engle, Eden Saul and Wayne Rich there's something for everyone in the lineup.

"The open mind is a free mind," says Nelson.

Recently testing his new mid-length model the "Outlier" at the Surf Ranch (pre stay-at-home order in California), the board is built using Firewire's new Thunderbolt technology. Fellow longboarder Taylor Jensen, who rides for Firewire, has also adopted the tech, which utilizes different layers of materials and flex characteristics to improve the board's performance.

So, how does the Outlier go? Watch and see...

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