"I did a lot of hunting last year," 20-year-old Burleigh Heads local Toby Mossop told the WSL. "I work at the Vissla warehouse and my bosses were super cool when I was chasing a swell. I went to Indo a bunch and Hawaii and made it down to Shippies."

The result of the all that hunting (and missed work days) is Mossop's new clip called 'Planned Obsolescence'. With a mix of big wave chops, massive hang time and buttery style, you'd think that it's only a matter of time before Mossop can give up the day job.

The natural footer first came to the wider surfing world's attention during the 2019 Cyclone Oma on the Gold Coast. With a lineup packed with the heavy hitters, it was the unknown grommet that scored one of the best waves of the swell.

Clearly talented, Mossop had dallied with competition surfing in the junior ranks in Queensland and also in selected QS events in Australia and Indo. However, by his own admission, he has "always sucked" in heats. Last year he put the money earned at Vissla and the saved competition fees towards chasing swells.

He had his first tow surfing experience at Shipstern Bluff, nailed some of Indonesia's best slabs and visited Hawaii for the first time. It was on the islands when he came across a sticker with Planned Obsolescence written on it.

"It means made to fail, and is inbuilt in manufacturing as the new models get better and replace the old ones," explains Mossop. "I'm hoping that's what happens with this clip, and the next one will be better."

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