- WSL / Joe
- WSL / Joe

The 2006 Billabong Pro Mundaka was held at one of the world's best lefts. Mundaka is an illusive, often fickle river-mouth wave in the Spanish Basque Country that lives and dies by some huge tidal swings.

But when it turns on, it is without a doubt one of the best waves in the world. We're reliving this all-time event in this week's episode of The Vault, so here are five reasons to dive into the 2006 Billabong Pro Mundaka.

The Firing Waves

The event scored some clean, barreling lefts. While it was forced to move to the backup location of Bakio due to the big tidal swings that dictate conditions at Mundaka - and led to tough, changing conditions - when it was on, it was really on.

Mundaka Mundaka - WSL / Karen Wilson

Bobby Martinez Takes Down The GOAT

Bobby Martinez won the event as as rookie, in a final against an in-form Kelly Slater. If that wasn't impressive enough, it wasn't even his first CT win that year: He'd also made the surfing world really sit up and take notice after winning the Billabong Pro Teahupoo earlier in the season.

Bobby Martinez Bobby Martinez - WSL / Peter Hamblin

Slater Secures Title Number Eight

Kelly Slater may have lost to Bobby in the final, but he still did enough to secure his eighth World Title. Back in 2006, Kelly had already secured his position as the greatest of all time. But there was still so much more in store for the GOAT.

Kelly Slater Kelly Slater - WSL / Karen Wilson

A Gold Coast Super Heat

Childhood friends and sparing partners Mick Fanning and Joel Parkinson came up against each other in the quarterfinals. Joel took the win, and was later knocked out of the contest by Slater in the semi-finals.

Joel Parkinson Joel Parkinson - WSL / Karen Wilson

A Unique Celebration

Part of the reason Mundaka was such a special stop on the World Tour was the region's rich history and old-world charm. This was on display when the winners of the event were customarily carried down to the harbor and tossed off of the wharf! Since Slater also locked in a World Title, it was only fair to throw him off, too.

Kelly Slater Kelly Slater - WSL / Peter Hamblin
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