It's hard to imagine a better place to be quarantined right now than the North Shore of Oahu, In Hawaii.

Generally speaking, by the time April rolls around, things have mellowed on the swell front. But this year it's been firing, to the delight of those lucky enough to call the North Shore home.

Buddies Nathan Florence and Koa Rothman have been psyching on the best April Pipe conditions since, well, (probably) ever...

Koa actually describes one of the sessions as some of the best Pipeline he'd ever seen, and claims he scored what could be the wave of his life -- which, if you consider the bombs he's bagged at Pipe in the past, is not a statement to be taken lightly.

Usually, locals would have to share waves of this quality with a horde of the world's best surfers who converge on the Seven Mile MIracle each year.

But by February, most of them have headed home, and this year, as a result of social distancing measures and travel bans, it's been a true "locals only" affair.

When you check out these edits from Nathan and Koa, one thing you notice -- besides the firing waves and surfing, of course -- is a distinct lack of crowds (for Pipe).

And since most of us are limited to mind surfing right now, Nathan Florence has dropped this POV clip which shows you exactly what it's like to take on one of the world's heaviest, most famous waves.

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