- WSL / Felipe Marcondes
- WSL / Felipe Marcondes

The tide is rising in Tahiti in the fight against the coronavirus. This week restrictions in Tahiti, originally put in place on March 20, have begun to ease and there are a lot of stoked surfers around the island.

Beaches and surf spots have opened around the islands of French Polynesia, as have most businesses. The line for McDonald's in Pape'ete was reportedly so long traffic had to be rerouted.

"Hey it's nice to see you again," wrote Jeremy Flores on Instagram, accompanying a photo of him absolutely beaming. "Thank you Mother Nature always...The ocean is a cure!"

Tahitian icon Michel Bourez echoed a similar sentiment, sharing a POV clip of the first wave he's ridden in a month. Certainly, sheet glass empty barrels are good for the soul.

"Today is a good day," wrote Bourez. "After a month of being locked in my house and not being allowed to go in the ocean, we are finally free to spend some quality time in the water. No more quarantine in TAHITI (for now)."

Further north in Polynesia, Carissa Moore got in on the action, posting a photo of herself deep on the bowl at Teahupoo. Over the years Moore has made numerous trips to the infamous "Wall of Skulls" and has covertly developed quite a knack for the place. We've also seen Caroline Marks rushing the ledge recently. With Teahupoo the site of the 2024 Olympics, Moore and Marks could certainly lead the charge. (Of course, mad respect to Keala Kennelly who went next level during the "Code Red" swell of 2011.)

To date there have been 58 Covid-19 cases in Tahiti. The last big spike in cases came on April 5 when five people tested positive. There have been zero fatalities. The government's restrictions have been eased considerably, but it's not completely back to normal. Schools are not expected to open until May 18.

Hopefully this is a sign of more good news to come. Other countries in the Pacific, such as New Zealand, have also been experiencing success in their fight against coronavirus. Whatever happens, for the surfers in Tahiti, it's epic to be back in the water.

TUBE NOM Keala Kennelly Baldassari Keala Kennelly deep in the belly of the beast during the Code Red swell in 2011. Photo: Baldassari - WSL
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