Mick Fanning and the WSL #StayLocal campaign just announced a new challenge for shapers around the world. Mick is calling all shapers to submit their designs for a chance to create a new shape for Mick Fanning Softboards. Here's how you can enter and these are the steps:

Step 1: Design a shape on either AKU Shaper or Shape3D
Step 2: Give a brief description of the design
Step 3: Submit your logo
Step 4: Give a brief description of you as a shaper, or your brand
Step 5: Choose a color scheme for your design
Step 6: Choose a model name

#StayLocal Global Shaper Challenge With Mick Fanning Softboards
Here's how you can have your board design in the next collection of Mick Fanning Softboards.

Any fin set up or board shape goes. "You can design a single fin, twin fin, asym, thruster, quad, midlength, longboard, fish, [I] dont care. The weirder, the better," Mick says.

An epic panel of judges including Mick, Darren Handley, Mark Mathews, Jesse Faen and Kurt Henson will decide the top four designs. These four shapes will then be built into softboards that Mick will test. Finally, the winning board will be included in the 2021 MF collection.

Click here for more details and to submit your design.

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