Wade Goodall and Vans are about to drop Pentacoastal, a hotly-anticipated film that by all reports is almost guaranteed to get you pumped to go surfing.

Wade is a mainstay of the surf world who fans can't get enough of. Sadly, they've been deprived over the years thanks to a series of unfortunate injuries -- three leg fractures, in 2011, 2013 and 2015.

That's left plenty waiting and hoping for a solid dose of his surfing, a wish that's about to be fulfilled in spades. He's surfing better, and charging harder than ever before in this film.

And if you want to talk about icing on the cake? It co-stars Dane Reynolds, Harry Bryant, Patrick Gudauskas and plenty of other rippers from the Vans team.

Wade has always done things his own way, from inventing new airs (the Passion Pop) to his much-loved series Creative Destruction and his Runamuk Visuals blog. You can be sure that this film -- co-produced with Shane Fletcher -- will be a unique and highly-entertaining statement.

Styled as a "recollection of Australasian exploration," it will be available online May 14th at 7pm PST, at Vans' website.

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