- WSL / Andrew Nichols
- WSL / Andrew Nichols

Today is a big day for LA ocean lovers: Beaches will be opened for surfing, after more than six weeks of closures to help slow the spread of COVID19.

Authorities said they will be reopening daily access, from dawn to dusk, on May 13 to all beaches in Ventura and Los Angeles County. This coincides with a wider, incremental reopening of California's economy.

Beaches have been closed since late March, and there will be many hoping the rules are respected to ensure authorities do not lock them out again. Just in the past few days, surfers have had to watch a decent South Swell light up their beaches, and closure-flaunting crowds have been a point of frustration.

"If the Governor or County Health Dept. see pictures of us not social distancing, they can and will close us down as they did in Orange County," said Redondo Beach Mayor Bill Brand, on his Facebook page.

"So please, hit the beach, do your thing, and leave," he said. "No hanging out for this first phase. Phase 2 to follow where more will be allowed."

There are still restrictions which prohibit sunbathing, chairs, canopies, coolers, sitting or lying on the sand, group sports, gathering or events.

Parking along the Pacific Coast Highway corridor from Point Mugu Beach to Leo Carrillo will remain restricted to encourage physical distancing at the State Beaches, and all coastal parking lots will also remain closed. Also remaining closed are bike paths, piers and boardwalks.

Beach users will also need to maintain a distance of at least six feet from other individuals or household groups.

Those on the sand will need to wear face coverings, though they will not be required for people in the water, such as surfers who have been cleared to surf in time for the tail end of that South Swell.

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