Big-wave documentarian Tim Bonython has been training his lens on the carnage at The Right in Australia for over ten years now ... and the hits just keep on coming.

Hands down one of the heaviest, hardest to tame slabs on the planet, Bonython has compiled some of his favorite moments in a new edit he's fittingly called "Terror Vault." Featuring the harrowing exploits of guys like Russell Bierke, Ryan Hipwood, Dean Morrison and a host of other lunatics, there aren't that many surfers out there that have both the ability and the bravado to rush The Right at size.

Located in remote South Western Australia, the wave detonates on a shallow ledge about one kilometer out to sea. Given its unforgiving nature, the consequences of a serious wipeout here can carry life or death implications.

"If something does happen, you're in the middle of nowhere, it's pretty hard to get help. And then the sharks down there as well, they're always on your mind," explains Bierke.

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