- WSL / Nicolas Leroy
- WSL / Nicolas Leroy

On Saturday, May 16th, the region of Landes announced that beaches have reopened for individual physical activity including swimming and surfing. Like most coastlines around the world, lounging on the beach is not permitted.

Home to the vast expanse of pine trees and dunes, Landes includes the premiere beach breaks of Seignosse, Hossegor, and Capbreton, all of which are now open to surfers under specific guidelines.

"Pathways will be organized and human resources will be put in place to enforce social distancing from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. in the vast majority of municipalities," according to a post by Ripitup.fr.

Since beginning of the lockdowns, France has been exceptionally dilligent in their efforts to curb the spread of COVID-19. They put in place some of the strictest social distancing measures in all of Europe, even requiring citizens to carry forms when leaving the house.

Unsurprisingly, their reopening of beaches is organized and methodical, with social distancing a primary consideration. And as of now, France is among last European surf communities to re-allow surfing, following Portugal and Spain earlier this month.

In additon to Landes, other areas of France have loosened their grip on beach closures including select beaches in Northern France and on the Mediterranean coasts.

"This long-awaited day will also be an opportunity to prove to everyone that our community knows how to be responsible," says Ripitup.fr.

Since some beaches have remained closed in France, be sure to check with your local laws before getting in the water. And as always, stay safe out there.

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