In Bruce Brown's seminal 1966 film, "The Endless Summer," he described the Wedge in California as a place "where you catch waves you didn't even want."

Not much has changed at the Wedge in the nearly 60 years since Brown uttered those words. Folks still catch waves they don't want...and pay the price for them. The chaos of the spot is still largely the same as it was in Brown's day. Whether you're surfing, bodyboarding or bodysurfing, the beatings are as vicious and sand-filled as ever. Frankly, there's nowhere better to get properly flogged in sprawling Southern California than the Wedge.

And with a steady train of south swells rolling in this May, the diehard local crew has been rushing it. Recognizable names like Griffin Colapinto and Kei Kobayashi have been on it, as has underground charger Trevor Collins, who appears to have scored the wave of the season so far.

Catching a chip shot off the jetty, Collins rolls in deep behind the section, sets his line, grabs his rail like a champ, and backdoors a cavern, only to come out with the spit. There aren't very many clean makes at the Wedge, which makes this one so special. And with more swell lining up for Southern California for the next couple of weeks, the good times are sure to keep rolling for Collins and friends.

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