Every once in a while a grom shows up on the radar and it's crystal clear they're something special. Carissa Moore had it. John John Florence had it. Jack Robinson had it. And now, enter Hughie Vaughan from Bateau Bay, Australia.

All of 13 years old, Vaughan is the reigning Australian Junior Champion and has already amassed a mantle full of trophies. And while competitive success is all well and good, there's more to the rising star than just podium-topping wins.

With three older brothers that properly shred, and a surf-stoked dad, young Hughie's picking up the family tradition and running with it. Confident in heavy, slabbing conditions, the kid's got a comfort level in the barrel well beyond his years. Plus, he can take to the air, put his board on rail and he's got heaps of style to boot.

It's anybody's guess what the future of competitive surfing looks like in the years ahead, but what is sure is that Hughie is one grom you're definitely going to want to keep an eye on.

Aren't buying it? Just check out his new edit.

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