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- WSL / Matt Dunbar

Hawaii's Mason Ho just joined "Between the Speakers" with Simon Rex -- the actor, rapper, comedian and surfer from San Francisco. Together they talk surf lingo, the making of the Snapt movies, etiquette on the North Shore and more. And in doing so, Rex unveiled a few nuggets about Mason that you may not already know about:

His Style Was Influenced Largely By The Greats

Mase draws some of the most unique lines in surfing. He's known to lay-back stall into barrels, hack impossible sections, and punt tweaked airs into the flats. He's an animal, we all know that.

But one thing you may not know is that Mason tries to "copy" his favorite surfers. He tells Rex that his style is a blend of his own surfing and that of some of the greats.

"It's fun to copy all my favorite guys because maybe one guy out of a hundred will be like 'Oh, is that like your dad, or is that like Andy, or Bruce?' But for the most part no one will really tell. It's cool, you can copy but it's still your own style."

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He Loves His Video Games

Mason grew up a huge gamer. His first game was "Sonic the Hedgehog" on the Sega Genesis, and since then he's tried to find the perfect surf game keep himself frothing in between swells.

"They've made at least five to ten surf video games, that I remember growing up. I was such a die hard video game kid and I was a die hard surfer, so any surf video game [made me] so happy. I remember Transworld Surf made one, then there was a Sunny Garcia one, and Kelly Slater's Pro surfer."

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Openly Grateful To Be A Pro Surfer Living In Hawaii

Though the idyllic lifestyle that comes with being a pro surfer on Oahu is just the norm for some, Mason is hugely appreciative for all he has. His family, his friends, the good food and the perfect waves have not gone unnoticed.

Ever wondered why he's so stoked all the time? Mason told Rex that he takes time to reflect on it all. I think we can all take a page out of Mason's book here.

"Any time I have a little quiet time, looking off at my ceiling, or the wall, or a picture of Andy, I'm like, 'Thank you, this is perfect, I know this is perfect.'"

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