In 2004, Sofía Mulánovich became the first surfer from South America to win a World Title. Her historic success elevated her to the stature of national hero in her native Peru. And today, Mulanovich is paying it forward.

The new film, "Into the Storm," tells the story of young Jhonny Guerrero, who's aspiring to overcome immense adversity to chase his dreams of becoming a pro surfer with the help of Mulanovich.

Filmed over the course of five years in the barrios and on the beaches of Lima, the story details Guerrero's injury in a drive-by shooting while at the same time contending with the release of his father from prison. Ultimately, Mulanovich takes him under her wing with the hopes of surfing being his salvation.

Directed by Adam Brown and co-produced by Dimitri Doganis, the film will air this fall on BBC Storyville and is a selection for the Brooklyn Film Festival 2020.

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