When Ian Walsh was just a young pup on Maui's northern shore he watched guys like Laird Hamilton and Dave Kalama take big-wave surfing to the next level. It left a mighty impression on him.

His first experience at Jaws was being whipped in on a tow board. But as his prowess in the heaviest waves on the planet blossomed, along with Shane Dorian and Greg Long, Walsh was one of a handful of surfers to usher in the modern paddle-in movement as we know it today.

Innovating everything from safety equipment and procedures, to training techniques, to surfboard design, don't let that creepy mustache that he's rocking these days fool you, he's one of the most influential guys in the big wave scene.

"I wanted to become a student of the ocean," says Walsh. "I wanted to learn about oceanography and meteorology and everything I could about how to put myself in the best position to catch the best waves in the world."

Dropping a new edit called "Four," it features Walsh's highlights from the 2019/20 big wave season. From harrowing days at Jaws, to charging Waimea and a psycho tow session at Nazare, if you're looking for a dose of big wave action, look no further.

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