- WSL / Richard Hallman
- WSL / Richard Hallman

Russell Bierke was born in Hawaii, raised in Australia, and is now helping to redefine what is possible in waves of consequence.

His opening ride at last year's cbdMD Jaws Big Wave Championships was a huge barrel at Jaws which he described as probably one of the best waves of his life.

In the latest episode of World Surf Weekly, Kaipo Guerrero and Pete Mel broke down the wave, which saw Bierke slide underneath thousands of gallons of water. It's now an entry for the Ride of the Year at the upcoming Big Wave Awards.

Check out the play by play and hear from Bierke himself in the clip below.

Breaking Down Russell Bierke's BWA Ride of the Year entry
Russell Bierke scratched into this monster barrel at Jaws during the 2019 CBDMD Big Wave Championships.
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