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Have you ever heard of a Brazilian deep water slab that's often wider than it is tall? Meet Avalanche. Twenty-seven-year-old Brazilian Ziul Andueza just sent us this incredible vision of the right-hander from a recent session.

The wave is unlike most slabs in Brazil. It's 12-feet deep at its shallowest point, and far off any other rock formation. This results in an extremely clean and performable wave when it does break.

Watch: 'Avalanche' Awakens For Hard Charging Brazillian Surfers
Two sessions from the mysterious deepwater slab in Brazil. Video by Straya Films.

According to NXF Bodyboard, a local crew of heavy wave hunters, an underwater mountain chain and rock shelf meet open-water East/Southeast swells to produce 'Avalanche' and other similar slabs in the area.

Located offshore from Vila Velha, Espirito Santo -- approximately 500km north of Rio -- with water temps at averaging in the low-to-mid 70s, it's easy to compare this spot to a warmer version of ‘The Right' or ‘Shipsterns Bluff', especially when you see see the power of the lip.

Gabriel Sampaio Avalanche Gabriel Sampaio - WSL / Ana Catarina

"The second day started out with Caio Vaz getting beat up to the point he laid on the ski's sled for 10 [minutes] just breathing and waiting out for a couple hours to get back on the rope. Caio Vaz is a world notorious big wave surfer, so that was a clear warning sign for everyone else," Andueza recounts.

"I had just cracked my hip 3 weeks earlier hitting the floor at my home slab the Shock, so it was quite hard to try and not overthink it, but I feel like it's just about figuring out a clean line on the wave."

Rodrigo Cardoso Avalanche Rodrigo Cardoso - WSL / Ana Catarina
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