- WSL / Ed Sloane

Few Championship Tour surfers seem to be making hay while the sun shines quite so much as the 2019 World Champion Italo Ferreira. It seems like it's every other day that he drops a hot clip from his downtime, at home in Brasil.

Case in point: This edit from a recent few sessions, which included an interaction with a shark, which (thankfully) Italo describes as about one meter in length.

The weather is warm, they're surfing in trunks, and the downtime has not dulled Italo's explosive, frenetic style. As per usual, he's making the most of every single wave, and always seems like he's having a whole lot of fun.

But let's take a walk down memory lane, for a reminder of some of the surfing Italo has been doing, which has served the purpose of a continual reminder that he's the World Champion for a reason.

These are just a few from the rich vein of content coming from Mr Ferreira -- we can't wait to see what he'll bring when he's back in a jersey.

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