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Italian fashion brand, Gucci, just launched their very own surf video game: Gucci Surf. The luxury brand collaborated with Italian surfer and Championship Tour athlete Leonardo Fioravanti.

Now this isn't the first time the two have partnered up. Fioravanti is not only an ambassador of the brand, but he has also been invited to Gucci's fashion week shows in Milan, and he's even modeled their luxury goods.

Leonardo Fioravanti At Gucci fashion show, Milan, Italy, January, 2020. Leonardo Fioravanti At Gucci fashion show - WSL / @lfioravanti

In Gucci Surf, you play as Fioravanti, and the objective is to clean up the ocean from plastic waste. In addition to the App's enviornmental message about keeping the oceans clean, the avatar must avoid touching sea animals or else points are deducted.

The more points you score, the more merchandise you can unlock. Whether it's unlocking a new pair of Gucci glasses, boardshorts, or adding a better surfboard to your quiver, your avatar is probably more stylish than you.

The game is available on desktop, mobile, or by downloading the Gucci App. Click here to play Gucci Surf.

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