- WSL / Pedro Bala

O'Neill has re-signed Russell Bierke, an understated charger who grew up on Australia's South Coast chasing cold water slabs on surfboards shaped by his father, Kirk.

He's hunted all sorts of heavy waves across the globe with a quite determination, making a name for himself on the World Surf League Big Wave Tour along the way.

Russell is a great fit for O'Neill, which remains true to its roots as a core surf brand with a focus on wetsuits. He's only 23, and considering he's been mastering waves of consequence since he was a small child, there's bound to be some amazing things to come from this partnership.

Here's how O'Neill sums it up: "There was a drive and a quiet determination that shined through whenever the swell lifted.

"Early slab and outer reefs sessions with the hard core local crew, and a dad that shaped and had a healthy knowledge of big boards and big surf, all added to Russ's progress.

"Hidden away in a country location, to then burst onto the scene at 18 years of age and capture a win in possibly one of the heaviest competitions ever to run. The Red Bull Cape Fear."

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