Mateus Herdy traveled to URBNSURF Melbourne pre-lockdown with JS Industries test pilots Joel Parkinson, Dusty Payne, Dingo Morrison and Luke Egan. The aim was to test out his favorite 5'8 MonstaBox model, but also soak up the experience of surfing with some living legends.

"These guys are my childhood heroes. It was one of the most fun sessions ever, equivalent to a great day in the ocean," Herdy said. "The vibe was magic with everyone talking and hooting".

The 2018 World Junior Champion is just another elite level talent that continues to roll off the Brazilian conveyor belt of CT-primed surfers. Born 19 years ago in Florianópolis, one of the most renowned surf zones in Brazil, he's the son of Alexandre Herdy and the nephew of Guilherme Herdy, two of Brazil's great surfers.

Mateus Herdy Wins the 2018 Taiwan Open World Junior Championships at Jinzun Harbour, Taiwan. Mateus Herdy - WSL / Jack Barripp

From this clip it's clear that Mateus has inherited the same rare talent. His surfing is a mix of progression and high speed precision. He looks razor sharp, nailing some huge airs, the odd superman and a plenty of barrels.

"I sat back and watched him go ballistic," Joel Parkinson told the WSL. "There's not much us old blokes can do but enjoy our surf and see where these kids are taking the sport."

Herdy has serious aspirations to follow his hero Parko and make the CT and claim a World Title. His surfing is fast, fiery and futuristic - and it keeps on getting better and better. Watch this space.

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