When it comes to this edit of Leonardo Fioravanti's latest North Shore winter, it's a case of better late than never.

While the ocean may have calmed down for summer -- and most of us can only dream of surf travel -- this is a reminder of an epic season on the North Shore, to tide us over until next time.

This compilation of Leo's Hawaii stint also provides some interesting food for thought.

If Covid had not derailed almost every aspect of 2020, the Italian would have spent the first quarter of this year battling it out with Mikey Wright for a full-time spot on the Championship Tour, with a best-of-three result from the Australian leg of the CT slated to decide who would get an injury wildcard ticket.

Between this edit, and his surfing in small waves at the Sydney Surf Pro (which he won) it looked like Leo was surfing as good as ever. And yet, so was Mikey ... who do you think would have come out on top?

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