Surfers continue to chef it up during quarantine no matter where they are in the world. But the question we all want to know is who would win in a cook-off, Brisa Hennessy or Ian Walsh? Iron Chef: Surf Edition?

Although they're professional surfers, Hennessy and Walsh have proven their talent in the kitchen. And both surf chefs bring something new to the table with their own unique style, taste, and views on cooking.

Costa Rican provisional Olympic athlete Brisa Hennessy specializes in plant-based meals while big wave surfer Ian Walsh enjoys a good backyard barbeque with meats and veggies.

Hennessy started her own cooking YouTube channel at the beginning of quarantine, updating the world on her plant-based diet. She has been uploading recipes ever since, as well as cooking with fresh produce from the garden she started on Namotu. Her most recent recipe is a healthy, gluten-free, vegan mug cakes perfect to pair with a cup of coffee in the morning and completely guilt-free.

Ian Walsh welcomes us into his home on the island of Maui while he cooks up his latest recipe: Florentine Chicken in a skillet with cauliflower mash potatoes. "Stupid good! Stupid simple! A really easy summer dish at it's finest!" shares Walsh on his IGTV recipe post.

Sweet or savory? Meat eater or vegan? Brisa Hennessy or Ian Walsh? Choose your pick!

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