Foiling is all the rage. And it's easy to see why, when you watch surfers like Kai Lenny riding tiny, sloppy waves as if it were knee-deep powder.

But the equipment needed is fairly high-tech, and a world away from the surfboards most of us are used to riding. Say you wanted to get into foiling -- where on earth would you start?

Well, Kai Lenny -- fresh off winning his Big Wave Award Overall Performance award -- is the perfect teacher; few have made foiling look quite so fun as Kai, who is without a doubt one of the masters.

Follow along as he goes for a foiling session and breaks down his boards and the wings which give them lift. And we also get a look into some of the hazards, with Kai sustaining an unfortunate injury which he patches up with a ding-repair kit. Talk about commitment. But it's little wonder that Kai's putting himself in harms way when you see the airs he's able to pull on the foil in really small waves.

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