This story was originally published by The Inertia.

Back in early May, Tim Bonython released a short video from his aptly-titled "Terror Vault." It was the first part of the video you see above, and it was, as the name implied, terrifying. The second part was, too.

Bonython has been in and around big waves for a long time now. He makes films about them and about the people who surf them. And since he's spent so many years pointing his camera at people chucking themselves over the ledge of waves that would make most run for the hills, it's possible that he has the best collection of wipeouts in the world.

Well, Tim opened the Terror Vault again to make a short film that will make you never, ever want to surf Teahupoo. "Out of all the extreme big wave locations," Tim writes, "Teahupo'o in Tahiti is probably the most feared. With only a 25-year history, Teahupo'o creates the fastest, thickest, biggest barrels on the planet. You need to be good to surf big Teahupo'o and even then you're going to pay a price."

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