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Waco is the only place in the world - artificial or otherwise - that offers a perfect punt section on demand, and it's quickly transforming what's possible in our sport. Last month, SoCal's underrated (if not outspoken), Jacob Szekely spent a few days in Texas trying a brand new move: The Superman Finger-flip. By stomping it, Szekely easily earned July's top spot, despite some heavy competition from Eimeo Czermak, Nate Behl and Kael Walsh - all in pumping tubes. Click play to watch a mixed bag of epic surfing from Texas, Tahiti, Australia and Indonesia, and then scroll below to see each wave stand on its own. It's still a trip that some of the best surfing in the world is happening in Texas, but we'll get used to the idea eventually.

1) Jacob Szekely | Waco, Texas Filmed by Sierra Kerr

Interview: Jacob Szekely On Surfing's First Superman Fingerflip
Jacob Szekely recently set the internet on fire with his NBD superman fingerflip -- he talks us through the move.

2) Nate Behl | Nokandui, Indonesia Filmed by Nate Leal

3) Kael Walsh | Gold Coast, Australia Filmed by Wade Carroll

4) Eimeo Czermak | Teahupo'o, Tahiti Filmed by Tim Provost

5) Chris Lougher | Sydney, Australia Filmed by Spencer Frost

6) Usman Trioko | Desert Point, Indonesia Filmed by Maurit Photography

7) Anthony Fillingim | Nokandui, Indonesia Filmed by St. John Visuals

8) Jacob Willcox | Western Australia Filmed by Luke Simpson

9) Mason Ho | Waco, Texas

10)Brad Flora | Waco, Texas Filmed by Hunter Martinez

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