There are many special things about cold-water surf trips, particularly in the Pacific Northwest. The lack of crowds, the raw open-ocean swell, and the remote landscape with more bears, birds, and fish than you've ever seen in your life.

As the company credited to inventing the first wetsuit in the 1950's, O'Neill has made it their mission to extend the length of these prized cold-water sessions. Since then, wetsuit and board technology have allowed surfers to brave just about every corner of the globe.

In their next surf tech iteration, O'Neill has launched the TRVLR series - clothing and gear specifically designed to take surfers off the beaten path. And team riders Brett Barley and Timmy Reyes were lucky enough to put their favorite items to the test.

"A couple times a year I do make the drive up the coast, and it's just reuniting again to hopefully catch maybe the first couple of storms of the season and get my head wrapped around that winter's coming. Once it does, I'll be back again," says Timmy Reyes.

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